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LIVE MUSIC!!!! Friday August 1st Phil Komenski 9pm-1am

We are so excited to have Phil Komenski for the Lloyed Dobler Effect  back at Art's Tavern.!

About the Artist: Phil Kominski is a Musician/Surfer/All-Around Busy-Body from Aspen Hill, Maryland (pop. 50,228), about 14 miles outside Washington DC (the capital of the United States of America for those who live in Middle Earth). There, he lives a happy life with his wife Elizabeth Coyle Kominski (prominent Washington DC Singer-Songwriter) and two dogs Maui (Poodle) and Boswell (Springer-Spaniel). For years he drove a Honda Civic with half a front bumper on it (the result of running over a torn up truck tire). Now he cruises around in style in his 2006 Toyota Corolla (dark blue). Kominski is working hard to become an acclaimed songwriter with the help of his band mates in Lloyd Dobler Effect. This is slowly but surely coming to fruition as a growing audience has been turned on to the music of LDE through their Studio CD, Live CD and his two acoustic trio releases with Elizabeth and Chris Bruno. The new LDE studio CD, a batch of 15 songs produced and engineered by the band and Phil Maniatty, provs once again that this songwriter and his band are the real deal; an authentic group fronted by an authentic artist whose "fearless musical snapshots lay bare the realities of Life, love, loss and landscapes" as one New York reviewer put it. "I'm just a little person from DC who likes to write songs...mostly, I find inspiration to write from the music that LDE creates as a partnership" Kominski says. "I feel that I have been given a tremendous gift, being able to work with such talented Musicians, and I have a responsibility to them and myself to use this gift to make something very special." - See more at: