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Shaterl & Hume a great local favorite!!!!

Shartel and Hume was formed in the summer of 1999. Members are Steve Shartel and Bob Hume. Primarily an acoustic band, the duo called themselves The Bob and Jerry Show until 2011, paying homage to the two main members of the Grateful Dead. As their repertoire expanded however, the band decided it was best to rename the group with their real names...hence Shartel and Hume. The music consists of everything from the Rolling Stones to the Grateful Dead, to Bob Dylan, and then on to some fine originals as well. The duo plays about 4 times per month, and also gigs with a full rock band backing them about once per month. The band plays primarily in the Northern Virginia area, but sometimes ventures to Maryland. You can find their performance schedule here on the FB site, or Bob's website at We look forward to seeing you!!