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LIVE MUSIC STEPHEN HELLER Friday May 30th 8:30-12:30

Stephen Heller always a house Favorite is Back ! If you feeling the Rhythm come out and help him play the bongos!

Most people after graduating from college, start to lose sight of their previous goals and planned adventures. They in turn settle into the 9-5 workforce and begin what most of us would call the average lifestyle. When singer/songwriter Stephen Heller graduated, he got fast to work on his true ambition; a career in music.

His full-length, self produced debut CD, 'From East to West', was released in 2007 independently. Stephen Heller performs all instruments on the recording accompanied only by his father on the tracks 'Is This the End?', 'Valentine Verses', and 'What Goes Around'.

Stephen's album has bright and beautiful highlights with songs like the thought provoking 'Only One Knows', and the John Mellencamp styled '2nd Degree'.

It's easy to see why people quickly become fans of Heller. His live performance is deserving of the buzz around it. On top of his originals, he occasionally plays an acoustic rock version of Rhianna's "umbrella" then mashes it with other pop songs of the 80's and 90's. He even has his own rendition of "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix Alot.