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WE WELCOME BACK THE DOWN WILSON BAND11 8;30-12;30 GET READY TO JAM!!!!!The name “Down Wilson” is a tribute to the band’s home, Arlington, Virginia, as founder and singer/guitarist Kevin Sambat found himself driving up and down Wilson Boulevard for his weekly acoustic duo and trio shows. Along the way, he’s had the great pleasure of playing with many talented people, fortunately gathering the steady rhythm and bass section of drummer Brian Highsmith and bassist Karlin McNeill for the long haul. With the addition of talented vocalist/keys player Michelle Jentzer Melsop (formerly of Divide By Zero) and ridiculous guitarist/back vocalist Marco Hernandez, Down Wilson is ready to rock every bar/event/party with fun music and a great stage show!

With both Michelle and Kevin on lead vocals, Down Wilson’s repertoire is incredibly fun and diverse, ranging from classic to modern rock, 80’s, 90’s, pop, hip-hop and top-40 hits, with even a few surprises mixed in. DW will keep you on the dance floor, singing until your voice goes out, dancing until you’re dead tired, and having a blast!

So come out to the shows, join the Facebook page ( and INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS. Down Wilson will take care of the rest!

Kevin, Michelle, Marco, Brian & Karlin